For people who cannot or do not want to vaccinate, but want to immunize against certain targeted diseases, 
there is Homœoprophylaxis (HP).

Since homœopathic dilutions have no toxicity, their safety is not usually of concern to people looking for an alternative to vaccination, and HP has proven effective in 90.4%of respondents; a figure comparable to regular vaccination. 

I can provide you with a tailored HP program that will cover the illnesses that you want to create immunity against. This program can be administered from the first month of a baby's life, safely. The Main Program consists of 6 different homœopathic remedies in different dilutions and is administered monthly over a period of 24 months; you may add or subtract targeted illnesses to this program.

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The effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in epidemics was first demonstrated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in a scarlet fever epidemic prior to 1801 and has since continued to prove effective. The latest research of the efficiency of Homeoprophylaxis (HP) has been done in Cuba on a large scale. These are the findings of the Finlay Institute (the country's vaccine manufacturing laboratory):

  Dr. Isaac Golden, Vaccination & Homœoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives; Table 4-7 Summary of Results - Long-Term Homœoprophylaxis; p.126