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Manon Larose, unicist and classically trained

Homeopathy comes from the ancient greek terms homœo , Iridology and Nutrition are such perfect partners that we decided to pool
 our knowledge to better serve you, the person who wants to attain your
maximum health p
otential. Hippocrates would have said: "Let your food be your medicine
and your medicine be your food." It is no use medicating a condition without proper
life-hygene (eating right, sleeping enough, moving sufficiently and enjoying good
relationships). There is also no use eating good food if your body isn't digesting, storing
or distributing it correctly. Iridology will give an objective picture of the internal health of
the organs, without being invasive or dangerous.

And so, whenever the situation arises we can consult immediately with each other and pool
our knowledge to serve you better.

Classical Homeopathy

Manon Larose, HD is a graduate of École d’Homéopathie Classique of Montreal Canada and member of the Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada (HMCC). She enjoys reading the latest research in her field and participating in Homeopathic Conferences.

Holistic Iridology Analysis and Nutritional Assessments & Coaching

Patricia De Salazar, BASc(Nutr), Dip.H.Ir., ROHP, is a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC), and a Registered Holistic Iridologist with the International College of Iridology.

Patricia is combining two very important and advanced methods used today in Holistic Nutrition: Nutritional Symptomatology and Iridology Analysis to determine the nutritional deficiencies that might be causing a different  array of symptoms that are unique for every individual.    

She is very enthusiastic about teaching people how to reach optimal health by eating a healthy diet,  supplementing any nutritional deficiencies, and empowering each and every one to take charge of their own health.