First Aid

The best way to experience the effectiveness of Homeopathy is when you use it in First Aid situations. They are fast and reliable. If you take the wrong remedy it will have no effect and no toxicity, you simply try another, better suited one. The feeling associated to the pain usually is the best indicator of the right remedy.

ARNICA MONTANA is the remedy that everyone should carry in their kit. It is useful in blunt trauma and bruising. Good for muscles soreness after overdoing exercise or overstraining the muscles. Good before and after dental work to prevent jaw pain and accelerate healing. A bruised and battered feeling.

HYPERICUM is often given after ARNICA MONTANA if there is shooting pain remaining after the swelling and bruising have gone. Pain like fingers caught in a door.

RHUS TOXIDENDRON for sprains and strains that are worse from resting, better from moving or walking on the sprain. A feeling that you have to move about to help the pain.

RUTA is also for sprains, but for those better from resting. Also good for ligament or tendon strain if RHUS TOXIDENDRON was not the remedy.

BELLIS PERENNIS is excellent for deep tissu trauma, like the one caused from a seat belt that locks when a car is forced into a sudden stop. Can also be used when ARNICA MONTANA doesn't relieve. A feeling of lameness. Good after an operation to relieve the pain of the incision.

BRYONIA is inflammatory pain mostly in serous membranes that is worse from ANY motion. Joint red, swollen and hot. The person is also very irritable and wants to be left alone.

IGNATIA is an effective grief remedy. The feeling is that if they start crying they may never stop.

RHODODENDRON is excellent when ARNICA MONTANA and RHUS TOXIDENDRON haven'Homet relieved. The pain is at its worse in the morning and gets better as the day goes on and the person moves. Also good for teething in children (as are PULSATILLA and CHAMOMILLA, the first for a clingy child, the second for an angry child).

LEDUM is the remedy to give after a punture wound or a deep cut that is hard to clean. It also relieves bug bites and blunt trauma to the eye (black eye).

For First Aid remedies I recommend a 30K dilution. The most effective way to administer a remedy is to dilute 2 granules in a bottle of water that you can throw out or sterilize afterwards. That way, if after initial relief, the pain returns, you can succuss (hit the bottle firmly) and repeat the remedy. Succuss between 2 and 10 times before taking the remedy each time and you can repeat as many times as you like.

If water is not handy take 2 granules directly under the tongue and let them dissolve. Do not take the same remedy dry more than 2 times.

IF THE REMEDY DOES NOT RELIEVE YOU THE FIRST TIME, TRY ANOTHER: it is not because you have not gotten enough, it is because it is the wrong remedy.